Compressed Asbestos Fibre(CAF) Gaskets

Our range of Compressed Asbestos Gaskets is widely demanded in the market because of its outsatnding quality. Compressed Asbestos Fibre (CAF) Gaskets are manufactured from carefully selected chrysotile fibres, intimately blended with suitable heat resisting binders and fillers and vulcanized into sheets of homogenous compositions and uniform thickness. To avoid the necessity of producing perfect finish on the contact faces of a mechanical assembly, which is not only costly but quite often impracticable, a gasket of compressed asbestos fibre jointing enables a tight seal to be created and maintained between separable members. The seal is effected by the yielding, or the flow of the jointing material into the imperfections of the joint contact faces. In this way the gasket provides an unbroken barrier of homogenous structure through which no pathways exist for escape of the confined media.

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